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About Tyler "Wisdom Practitioner"

"Wholesome-Vegan-Mindful-Radically Simplified- Primarily Moneyless- Eco-Conscious-Zen Buddhist Humanist-Change Agent-Cross-Pollinator- Paradigm Shifter-Hardy-Thriving-Living in the Gift-Geek."

I live primarily without money in order to devote myself full-time to activism and service, taking the form as Anti-Oppression/Harm work, such as promoting veganism, fighting climate change, volunteering with Food Not Bombs, practicing Zen Buddhism, utilizing NVC and more.

More indepth information here on my blog:

$1 of $250 per month
At $250/month, my rent of $150 will be covered, and the additional $100 will act as a savings buffer, to help with mostly bike parts and misc stuff(supplies, rare MAX ticket etc).

I keep my overhead purposedly low in order to pass on my life in the spirit of the gift, and also to be able to focus on the essenstials of an impactful, fullfilling life of service.

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