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You Cool Boi
per month
;A;  WHAT?! You Cool Boi!! I honor and appreciate this.

Also Your already pretty cool, so this would make you super cool. But you all are cool anyway.

The Reward for this tier is:

-High Res. Images,  and they will show up here before anywhere else.

Adept in the skill of AWESOME!!
per month
Heh... You are frickin  amazing... What did I do to deserve this?! 

The Rewards for this tier are:

-A OC sketch

-Previous  Tier Awards

Wizard Level
per month
 WOAH!!! You must be a frickin' wizard!!
The Rewards for this Pledge are

- A OC Drawing w/ shading and the whole kaboodle

- All previous Reward Tiers




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Hi, I'm Wisdomstar and I make MLP art and speedpaints and I also run a Comic on webtoons called Moonlight Tales
I am also on Deviantart and YouTube, you guys can also find me there.
$0 of $150 per month
To support my livelihood, so I don't end up as a bum on street.
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