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About Wise About Texas

Howdy!  Welcome to Wise About Texas, the Texas history podcast.  Wise About Texas exists to discover, share and preserve the interesting and exciting stories of Texas history. The spirit of Texas is independent, diverse, funny, loud and proud.  Wise About Texas celebrates and preserves that spirit by telling the stories of Texas history in an interesting and entertaining format.  The show covers not only major events, but the small details and humorous side-stories that really add color to the study of Texas history.  The history of Texas is unique and the Texas of today is directly connected to the Texas of yesterday.  If you're from Texas, you'll be proud of this podcast!  If you're not from Texas, Wise About Texas will make you feel like a Texan!  

Wise About Texas will always be free to everyone but your pledge will help produce a Texas history podcast with the highest quality scholarship and production.  I've designed some unique and interesting rewards that will enable you to become a part of the show.  With Patreon you can cancel your support at anytime.  All support will go toward the resources, scholarship and equipment necessary to bring you a high quality, informative and entertaining podcast.  So check out Wise About Texas at www.WiseAboutTexas.com.  Thank you for supporting the show and helping to preserve Texas history!
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I'd love to take Wise About Texas on the road more often to broadcast from historical locations as well as discovering new Texas history stories from around this great state!  Help me take the show on the road!
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