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Hi there! I am Tess from Witch's Chamber, I am a solitary witch following an ancestral, Celtic and Voodoo path. I am an Interfaith Minister, a Level II Reiki, and fully Ascended through Ascension Pathwork and have been reading tarot cards since the age of 13. You can find me most days being very vocal on Facebook about all manner of Pagan, Witchy or life things. I also do Tarot Readings, healing and prayer candle circles and take private requests for absentee Reiki healing. I create Jewelry, write a blog and share all manner of herbal, Tarot, magical spells and other forms of witchcraft everyday.

I am also still working on a book that I have planned to publish. It is the story of how magic saved my life and pulled me out of the depths of poverty regardless of my physical limitations and disabilities. If you would like to check out my art then please drop by www.witchschamber.com , or my writings on my blog at http://witchschamber.blogspot.ca/.  

Thank you for walking along with me on this journey as I transition to offering more interactive spiritual counselling and services through my page here. I have created a list with prices ranging from $5 to $150 so that all may access my services and counselling and I hope to hear from you soon!

Much love and blessings

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I have worked very hard to build a successful jewelry shop online with my page on Facebook and my shop on Etsy, now I find that my health is making it impossible to continue to make a steady living this way as I cannot always craft jewelry with the state of my hands BUT I can type and can still speak and use my voice. So sometimes I will be speaking to you from my working area, spell area or outside and others I may be in bed and unable to get around, but my voice will still be as strong! This is my way to continue to earn a living in between being able to craft physical items so that I can continue to support myself and my family. 
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