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The Mage is a genius student of arcane magic, who has studied the subject for years. Though still an adept, he practices until he is able to command Magic with ease. The Mage must prepare spells daily in order to cause a change in the material world. In the early centuries, Mages were simply called magic-users. 

  • MAGES have access to exclusive content that has not been published anywhere else on the web

  • Patrons of this tier are getting: Exclusive videos and photography made by me

  • Runic design, artwork and wallpapers

  • Original music composed by me

  • Exclusive poetry and articles from my blogs

  • Monthy Q & A on my YouTube channel and readings requested by Patrons

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The Sorcerer is a "natural prodigy" arcanist, who usually claims control over the seen as well as of the unseen forces of the universe. The source of his knowledge and magical powers is his long study and practice of the hidden arts. The Sorcerer directly draws power from his familiy line or his ancient ancestry. The Sorcerer knows a limited number of spells, but unlike the Mage does not need to prepare the spells daily. The Sorcerer is able to cast more spells per day than a Mage or other magic users of lesser degree of skill. Although he or she may be more skilled in magic, The Sorcerer still requires Magical Grimoires to achieve great results in the material plain when dealing with magic.  


  • SORCERERS have all access to the MAGE tier content 

  • Patrons of this tier can request an excluside Runic wallpaper design with a Rune from the Elder Fuhark of their preference

  • SORCERERS are getting all Runic designs currently created by me and all possible future Runic designs posted on my DeviantArt page, plus a bonus with aditional resources and hand drawn artwork included in the folder

  • Music composed by me as well as some previously unreleased tracks

  • Monthy Q & A on my YouTube channel plus mentioning your name in the credits of the video
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The Warlock is a "darkened soul" arcanist, who creates "pacts" with powerful creatures to harness their innate magical gift, and perform spell-like feats and abilities. Although dealing with the darker side of magic, The Warlock is seeking gnosis and to manifest the purest light in the universe. Since they are not users of "true" spells in the traditional sense, they can use their invocations while wearing armor, robes and both carrying a staff, a wand, a ceremonial dagger, or a steel weapon of the their own choice.


  • WARLOCKS have all access to the MAGE and SORCERER tier content 

  • Patrons of this tier can request a video or a logo for their creative media or projects, (but not both) that I will upload on my YouTube channel on a topic that is of interest to me, and that I have certain knowledge of. They can also request a book review of a book from my personal library. (A list of all of my books can be found on my goodreads page)

  • WARLOCKS  will receive my full-lenght album of my main musical project in high quality wav files, along with a download link + the original artwork of the album created by me


  • They can request translations of any text that is wirtten in the Bulgarian language 

  • Ask any question related to my studies and the topic that I operate with and I will answer you as soon as possible with a personal message via e-mail




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Hi, I'm Borislav. People call me Boris. I know what you’re thinking, but I'm not that guy. I usually use my pen name, which weirdly enough happens to be Bóriwulf. I'm a heathen lad from the Balkans. Born and raised in Bulgaria. A bibliophile-polymath, also a devoted long-time Tolkien reader and a Middle-earth explorer. I also like all things Medieval, pre-Christian and related to Paganism. I'm also crazy about Maps and Dragons. I am a researcher into the The Occult and the history of Western Magic and Esotericism, a dedicated Fortean and a self-taught musician. Sometimes I fool myself that I am a great artist, and I do draw things occasionally, scribble a runic design or a graphic, but on the other hand, I comfort myself that I sit quite comfortably being a writer. I also make videos and put 'em on that strange CIA controlled platform called - YouTube. I like to think of myself as a simple blogger, but it seems to me that people like reading long descriptions and bios of people since the dawn of man. I have a rather varied taste for Art and I'm heavily addicted to Country Music. What else is there to say? Well, obviously a lot, but I won't burden you with my hero's journey personal quest. That was a rather lengthy introduction already, but I assure you, that the world will not end after you read these sentences. Aeons ago, people used to call us WIzards, Sorcerers and Magicians, but now we are just creative people on the internet. I mostly write and sometimes edit articles on the interwebs, whenever I can, wherever I can, or if I can find more of that precious and illusory resource we mortals call time.

All you need to know about me:

I don't use or have a Fakebook, Twatter, Instagreed or any other data-mining, CIA -controlled social network account!

[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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