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About Wizardy

Hi there! You know what time it is?
Yeah, you heard me right. I'm like that sketchy guy at the train station, asking you for change so that he can buy a ticket back home to Whateverville. Only I'm WORSE because I'm already home, sitting in my comfy chair, doing all that important lazy-people-stuff that lazy people usually do, which of course means "fuck-all". And to top that all of, I'm deliberately hurting your eyes with my god-awful drawings! Why couldn't I just replace that with some cliparts or something.


It's because I'm a horrible, twisted, sadistic person. Also I love you and this is my way of expressing it. It's complicated, ok?

They say that time is money. But have you ever tried paying your bills with time? SPOILER: It doesn't work! If time was an actuall currency, it would have the shittiest exchange rate ever! 2000 people are giving me their time every week and I can't even use it to buy myself a burger. Maybe time IS money, but it's like, fake Monopoly money that only works for colorful cards with street names on them and tiny plastic hotels. Maybe I should get a old car and a top hat, both made of tin, and ride around my fake city like a boss.
Or you could, you know, give me some actual money. Just sayin'.

I don't really NEED the money. I'm fortunatelly far past the point where 1$ would make a huge financial difference. What I need is the feeling of obligation that comes with the donation. I'll feel that I HAVE TO go and record those videos, instead of sitting on my comfortable behind and playing Luftrausers all day.

- I'll upload videos more frequently. No more waiting 2 weeks for me to overcome my laziness.
- Less Ads. If I get 5$ a month, I'll disable the big, inVideo ads (those with the SKIP button).
- Your name on a special "Patreon Mug", where I'll write the names of all my Patreon supporters.
- See the donation tiers bellow for more prizes.

1$ per month
I'll put your name on a special "Patreon Mug", where I'll write the names of all my Patreon supporters. I'll show this mug from time to time in my videos and report on new names that have been added.

2$ per month
You can choose the topic for my next video, or generally suggest what I should do.
--- OR ---
I'll make you a special (though really shitty) drawing of your choosing.
You can see samples of my drawing skills on this page, or at my Tumblr.

(also your name on the "Patreon Cup")

$1.77 of $5 per month
Tohle je přibližně částka, kterou si vydělám reklamami za měsíc. Vypnu přeskakovací reklamy a nechám na videích jen ty malé bannery, aby moje partnerská síť měla alespoň nějaké korunky z mé tvorby :)
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