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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! 

I love what I do as a conductor, but not many people seem to know what I actually do. Every day is different, and every day brings new and exciting possibilities. I'm here to help break down those walls and let you into the world of an orchestral conductor - whether you're just generally curious about how conductors prepare, how we practice and study scores, what we do in our spare time, or anything musical really, here is the channel for you! I'll also show you how I prepare step-by-step on clarinet and piano (my two instruments), the program notes I write in my own style, and what I'm reading at any given point. Checking out some arrangements of other music? Great! I do that too. How many times have you been listening to a piece of music and said to yourself, "man, I wish this was written for ____." I can help with that. Basically - a one-stop music channel focusing on orchestral and classical music. And that's why we call it "Woj Poj" - a real musical hodge podge in the truest sense. By the way, check out the blog version on my website!

So, please consider joining my musical family as we look to really go after my main MISSION: to grow, improve and expand the presence of ALL music here in Summerville and the Lowcountry. I was recently offered a 3-year extension with the SO which I'm thrilled about - it means our work is going to continue in this area and thats the most important thing. I am excited to show you all how sometimes the smallest idea can grow into a successful music series that engulfs an entire community. 

See you soon, and please don't hesitate to get a hold of me, either here, my social media, or on my personal website - www.wojciechmilewski.com
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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