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About WolfPackStudios

Welcome to WolfpackStudios! We are a group of people with the goal of making others smile. If you choose to support us, We promise you will not be disappointed. Where do these funds go? They go towards helping us make films and help out our roleplay servers with Nitro Boost. Becoming a supporter of our studio will grant you a private server where you can talk with other supporters about the roleplays and films, you will also get special sneak peaks and help design the servers and films. Our members include: Patrick, Daniel, Jakob, Archer. These are our MAIN studio peeps. So thank you for reading this and we hope that you support us! (It should be noted that the ranks offered with your purchase only effect the Wolfpack/Daniel Goliath server! Everything else carries over!)
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Its our goal to build a community and studio. Having 100 patreons will allow us to do a studio wide give away! (As in all servers under our studio will be entered). So thanks and have a nice day!
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