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Ask me anything, about the book, a recently posted short story or about my creative process. Ill try my best to answer!
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I will write a short story for you! Whether its for your gf, parents or for that english project you really need to get done. If you have an idea, ill write it down for you, in my weird, surreal writing style.
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The Octive is a novel I am currently writing, you can get it before I publish it, for free! Plus, you get small snippets and drafts of the up and coming book!




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About Jermane Wolf


On this very website I'll be creating worlds, in the form of books and manga. I will start with weekly novel episodes and then a couple books and mangas to come.
Just me, my thoughts and my pen (or pencil)

My names Jermane, without the i. I'm a mix race Caribbean, British and Danish male. Essentially I am a black viking. In my life these differences have made it hard for me to fit in, I was born to be left out. When I was young I was lonely and I gravitated towards the symbolic lone wolf. To fit in I left behind all the things that made me happy, such as music, acting, filming and creating worlds with words. But I don't want that anymore, I want to entertain, I love the thrill, the beauty of stepping into different realities and characters.

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Once I reach 100 Patrons I will start writing my book The Octive.
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