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Neighbors are so wonderful, you see each other regularly, you wave and say hi, you know they will be there when you need to borrow a cup of sugar and you’d invite them to sit on the porch and share a cold drink any day! Won’t you be my neighbor?!
Wonderful Crew
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The crew rolls together! Everyone gives their best effort to keep their teammates motivated and moving forward! The Crew is loyal, loving and goes above and beyond! Everyone needs a crew, we have room in ours for you!
Wonderful Family
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Family is Love Not blood! Family knows and family is there regardless! Family is us!



About Wonderfully Made Wade

Hello there,
Thank you so much for showing interest in our new project! We hope that through our adventures and experiences both every day and extraordinary we are able to create content which will give you the inspiration to see the wonderful possibilities in each day! 

We are a family, currently at a crossroads, ready to take lemons and turn them into lemonade! This new adventure will either allow us to preserve our nuclear unit and grow together or it will be an avenue through which we learn that sometimes circumstances which are out of our control are the launching point for healing through conquering new goals and making wonderful memories!

Our purpose for starting a Patreon account is so that as we create content and hope to encourage others that we might also create a community that appreciates our gifts and wants to be engaged with us and support us in our journey! If you find what we are doing valuable to you and find it in your heart we appreciate every persons interaction that helps us feel connected and every dollar that helps us fulfill our mission!
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Equipment: To be able to create the kind of quality content on a consistent basis that we would be proud to give you we need quality filming and editing equipment, cameras/lights/computer/editing software you know something other than my perpetually low battery & out of storage phone LOL if we’re going to do this letsdo it right am I right?! 
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