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Rewards will vary, depending on the type of task I am immersed in.

For example: Many of my friends have been given an avatar that exists in my universe. Take for example "Bernannigorf, the Wanderer of the White Desert." While my friend Brian pursues his doctorate, Bernannigorf searches the White Desert for legendary artifacts.




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About Wonkubus

Simply: I have ideas that I want to turn into real things. That video was an explanation of a game I have been working on for years. What is the main reason it is not done? Production value.

I do not have enough money to give my ideas agency.
If you want to someday see a game so unique, it could melt your mind...
If you want to bring Thaddeus to life...
If you want to be told a fascinating story from another world...
I ask you to believe in me.

If you do, I will make a world for you to wander through wide-eyed. This world exists on paper and in my mind right now. It needs to be brought to a place you can experience it. It needs to become a game.

I know what you see is rough. I am broke. I have neither the time, nor the money, to make them better. I will soon.

Here is the magic system in my universe: Click on this image to see what each form of this magic sounds like.

It is based on emotions. So many games make magic systems that are elemental, and I'm tired of it. It's time for something new. Something that has never been explored. Let me introduce you to "Apperception."

JOY: High damage output, increased movement speed. (Good for berserker build)
FEAR: Causes "Electric chills" when enemies are hit. (Good for sniper build)
RAGE: Explosive damage, charged shot. (Good for mid-range, AOE build)
SATISFACTION: Enemies that are hit become "quenched." Quenched enemies explode after death, damaging nearby enemies. (Good for long-range, AOE, infector build)
LOVE: Leaves a long trail, leech effect, costs health to use. (Good for tank build)
INSPIRATION: Lowered gravity, "Something from nothing" summoning. (Good for long-distance, unit commander build)
GRIEF: "Stricken" effect. Causes enemies to slow. (Good for critical hit, assassin build)
DESIRE: "Hankered" effect: Enemies take poison damage. "Obsessed" effect. Leech health from enemies. (Good for hit-and-run, assassin build)

There is so much more to be seen in my universe. I want to show it to all of you. I swear, some day my work will be finished. Someday I can bring you into my world, where we can relish in its beauty! I need your help.
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This (the first goal) is where I will post my final goal: To bring my universe to life in a way that others can experience.

It will come in the form of a marvelous game.

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