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About Wood Work LIFE

Thank you so much for watching the WoodWorkLIFE YouTube channel and all the videos I have produced on there.  I am so thankful for all of the support and that you would even consider further supporting me on Patreon.  I don't have all of the Patreon rewards and benefits off the ground yet, but I am really looking to Patreon as my primary way to giveback to those that support me the most with giveaways, project plans, bonus content, and so much more I haven't even thought of yet.

As you may or may not know, WoodWorkLIFE is here to inspire a new generation a woodworkers, carpenters, and makers to work with wood in the modern world.  Fewer and fewer children are raised with even a hobbyist knowledge in the trades and fine craftsmanship is becoming harder to come by.  How many of your families have an heirloom piece of furniture from your grandfather; your great grandfather; your great great grandfather?  What will we leave behind?  Your iPhone and your Tablets won't mean anything to our posterity.  

Wood Work LIFE is trying to inspire a new generation of makers to leave a mark on the world.  Whatever your medium, it is important for all of us to produce something with permanence, rather than consuming and redistributing.

Keep your tools sharp, and your mind sharper.
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I have been doing my best to get out 2 videos a month.  At the $500 level I will begin posting 3 weekly videos.  I will also do my darndest for at least 2 HUGE Giveaways a quarter, so more people can win.
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