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About RVYPowered.Productions

Word Play Weekend is an open-mic night hosted at ArtShare-LA in the arts district of Downtown Los Angeles. WPW was established as a platform for artists to express themselves both verbally and visually while networking in an environment full of creatives. Our goal is to empower the "starving artist" as we provide a supportive atmosphere for growth and development.

Word Play Weekend started in March 2017 and gained momentum attracting the attention of artists from across the country. Our event opens the floor to performers of all varieties including but not limited to Poets, Rappers, Comedians, Vocalists, Dancers, Actors, Film Makers and Visual Artists.The WPW team is working to build an artist network of over 1,000 strong. We are inviting artists to join our network and creating valuable perks to support members of our network. In 3 to 6 months we aim to have above 500 artists and in 6 months to 1 year we should be well over our goal of 1,000.

In the coming months, the WPW Team will be pushing a crowdfunding campaign to raise $115,000 to invest in film equipment and build our production company RVYPowered.Productions. This Equipment would allow us to produce bigger shows and reach larger audiences with quality content. This equipment would include: RED cameras, lenses, ARRI lighting, film dollies, Gaffers tape, lighting diffusers, tripods, Focus pullers, monitors, sliders, tracks, stabilizer,  and audio equipment which will be used in event and film production. eventually WPW aims to work with growing film makers to produce content and preview trailers at our shows. We are actively seeking event sponsorships and donations to help mold this vision.

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