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is creating educational videos on Socionics, a theory of personality type.

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World Socionics Society (WSS) is committed to providing a range of services and facilities in Socionics, including research and development of the theory, as well as opportunities for real-life offline meetups of enthusiasts. 

Our current goal is to provide a comprehensive, introductory course to Socionics through our Youtube account. The course is expected to take the form of short, approx. 10 minute videos, building up the theory in terms of IM Elements, Model A and the Quadras, then going on to teaching how to type people. Throughout, Jack Oliver Aaron will present, making use of video examples, and a few diagrams. We hope to make videos of a semi-professional quality, using the best video and sound-recording equipment within budget.

Other goals include:

Real-life, Face-to-face, Offline Meetups. is a website which allows anyone to schedule and host meetups which are listed publicly in a database searched by millions of people every day. costs $15/month per set of three groups.

Your support will go directly to expenses of hosting chapters for local WSS meetup groups on that we would not otherwise be able to support from the organizers' disposable income. The more support we receive, the more meetup groups we will be able to fund directly around the world.

It is worthwhile to note that, if we do not receive funding to host groups on, we will still be holding meetups, in as many locations as we can. They merely will not be hosted on Because of the widespread presence of's listings, we believe that it is important to maintain a public listing to serve as an invitation to newcomers who have never encountered Socionics.

Currently, 12 meetup groups are run with your support in the United Kingdom (London and Birmingham), United States of America (Washington D. C., New York City, Atlanta, Buffalo, Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle and San Francisco), Canada (Montreal) and Spain (Santiago de Compostela).

The order of our given milestones are liable to change depending on the feasibility of each meetup group being successful. We may also add some in when the right people make themselves known in the right areas. The prices for each milestone may also change, given the variability of pricing on Currently it is set conservatively at the price for groups in excess of 50 members.

Research & Development

WSS is committed to the empirical research and theoretical development of Socionics, a theory of personality type. Your funding will go towards a range of facilities, including a website for our analyses (, which costs about $19 per month to host. Your money will also allow us to fund research projects by which Socionics can be scientifically tested and then applied to real world needs.
$30 - reached! per month
Metaphysics of Socionics: Introduction to Socionics #3 will be released on Youtube.
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