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You will get access to all our guides and access to the discussion rooms for each specific activity, class and spec!
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You will get access to all our guides, access to the discussion rooms for each specific activity, class and spec and access to the QnA section for each activity, class and spec where coaches are PAID to answer YOUR questions!
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About WoW Coaching FTW

 We're currently searching for co-workers, head into the discord to find out more!

*SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER* The first 20 Patreons will be promoted to VIP status! ... and to make it even better, it'll be for LIFE! (or until you leave the discord server)

WoW Coaching FTW
- Do you want to get better at playing the game World of Warcraft? Are you already good but still need some improvement? Are you really good at one class but want to branch out to other classes? Then we're here for you!
We deliver up-to-date, regular and detailed guides in both text and videos for many activities and all classes.

We deliver guides and coaching in :
* Raiding
* Arena 
* Gold making
* Isle expedition
* Mythic + Dungeons
* Collecting and Achivements
* Leveling

Why should you choose us over a site like Skill-capped?
The answer is simple! We focus on getting good guides out there for a cheap price instead of waiting a good long while for a gladiator level player to make one when a player of the 2.200 rating can do the same job! We're looking at the feedback of our customers. 
Why did we choose to use Patreon and Discord combo instead of a regular site?
It's because everything flows so nice through Patreon and Discord.

We use Patreon as a means to get paid. All the guides and coaching is over at Discord. You're free to check out the Discord. Joining the Discord is free but taking part of all the content is not. We have some free guides...

Please check the Discord before committing to a monthly pledge.

The Discord link can be found here :
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If we hit this mark of Patreons pledging 2 dollars or more a month then we're happy to say that WoWcoachingFTW is here to stay! With up-to-date guides, tips, tricks and coaching to each and every class and activity in the game World of Warcraft!

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