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About G. Garrison

I’m creating a parody comic that is based around stories I have seen/heard/been involved in my career of EMS in the Northeastern USA.
I have worked urban and rural EMS and seen both side street of the same coin. I have worked over 10 years in EMS and plan to use this as a coping mechanism in dealing with the broken system that is healthcare in the US, especially Emergency Medicine.

Some of the events are exaggerations or parodies, it real names or specifics of events will be revealed. I will not specify if I was involved in said incident or it was simply a story described to me.

I will plan to also use this site to publish vector work that I’ve done for different agencies (for T-shirts, mugs, banners...etc)
If you want to make a request or a commission, please see my Tier levels.

Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment, post some ideas, tell a story. Comments and Criticisms are welcome!
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