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      Hello Patreon

      My name is Jay and I am a Poet and Novelist in the realistic fiction genre. I started my writing journey in 2013 after my now fiancé read some of my poems. His support and my passion for writing have sparked my search for different avenues to reach out to fellow writers and bibliophiles. I have learned through my journey so far that my writing can help others who have not yet found their voice or that find their voice through reading others works. I want to connect with readers and help them as well as myself to express feelings that can not be expressed through "normal" communication. This is why I have chosen Patreon as my platform.


        I want to share everything with my Patrons especially all of my ideas. Like inspo, backstories and the reason I chose to write each poem or story. My main goal is to go back to school and finish college with a Masters in English and History. I would love to become a Historian and Professional Author.

        Brainstorming Sessions
        I want all of my Patrons to have some input on my work so I will take suggestions and input on how to make my content better and more entertaining for you all as a special thanks.


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When I reach $150 per month,I'll write a story inspired by that month's events and my personal experiences and feelings about keeping up with my postings. Depending on the impact of certain events in my life I may go into some detail about these experiences as well.
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