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For 10$, just after our trip, you will get a full detailed list of ALL the cheapest ways to go through Scandinavia (Transport/Food/Accommodation). How much we spent exactly and the exact price of all the places we visited and local food we tried !

You will also have, this same list for one of these cities (Barcelona / Paris / Roma / Cologne / Munich) of your choice !




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 Who Are XO NOMADS ? 

We are Mariam and Sofiene, two young people from Tunisia, friends, lovers, colleagues and partners. We create videos and write articles about our couple travel experience, taking you inside our on budget adventures to show you that you can travel without being rich and still have fun.. A LOT of fun! We've been writing travel tips and food/city guides and we are in the middle of producing our Eurotrip video but we want to raise it to the next level and bring you more original content ! But we can't do that if we burn out.. that's where you come in.

 Why Do We Need Your Support? 

We travel with a very tight budget, basically we spent money on transport and food since we always try to stay at peoples couch. BUT, even though we don't pay for lodging most of the time, we still have to pay for food and transport. We are living much cheaply then ever, but unfortunately the money we have is no longer enough after our last trip. Tunisian currency is devaluating (1 TND = 2.25 USD).

So this is why WE NEED YOU.

You're helping us do more, for longer. If that sounds like something you want to support, we'd greatly appreciate it !  We need you to help us continue pursuing our dream and bringing you new content !

 Where Will Your Money Go? 

With your help, we're going to make your discover the cheapest way to discover Scandinavia in one month! Like we did for Western Europe ! We're gonna try out the VIKINGS EXPERIENCE for ONE MONTH !

$0 of $2,000 per month
We will be taking you into a Viking Experience ! The cheapest way to make a Scandinavian Trip in ONE MONTH !
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