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is creating "Moonshot" Technologies and Global Socially Positive Programs
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About The X Institute

We produce "Moonshot" Technologies and Global Socially Positive Programs.

We are a social crowd-sourced technology non-profit that has been together since before 1978.

We have won public, government, media and industrial awards, patents, commendations and community certificates.

We have undertaken the efforts that other's can't or won't undertake in:

- Housing
- Energy
- Transportation
- Anti-Corruption
- Mass Media
- Broadcasting
- Democracy
- Communications
- Disaster Recovery
- Job Creation
and other challenges requiring bleeding-edge solutions and out-of-the-box conceptual block-busting.

For $5000.00, or larger, contributions you are welcome to meet with us for a private presenation of our past completed project videos, Mayoral commendations, White House commendations, press clippings from our record-breaking past project completions, photo-documentation of our completed past projects, reviews of our past reference letters from well known corporate, government and media parties and other credibility and accomplishment documentation from decades of community technology work.

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For every $100.00 we will accomplish work efforts equal to $1000.00 of productivity. In other words, when you pay some person on Craigslist $100.00, you get $100.00 worth of work or goods. We add a multiplier to each contribution and work ten times harder and get 10 times lower prices on our supplies and servers from our supplier partners so you get a better deal. This means we are "the best bang for the buck". 
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