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 Thanks! You really help more than you think! You also get access to the patreon exclusive stuff. And your name at the end of the credits! Oooooh 

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 Pick the next aesthetic edit! At the end of the month there will be a poll. Winners pick a show and song and I'll make it!
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Wanna know how I make edits? Want to know what goes into making them? Well pledge here to find out! 
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A little over a year ago I started making videos on YouTube and in just a year I have reached over 10,000 subscribers! That's INSANE. Creating YouTube videos is quite the workload on top of working and trying to live a somewhat normal life but I just can't STOP. I absolutely love what I do and I have a ton of fun creating daily videos and doing edits. And you know what? I want to make MORE and with the help of my patrons I can be able to work towards getting more things to help me produce higher quality content! If you pledge you will not only be joining a community but I will also be sharing more behind the scenes stuff on how I make videos! 

Keep in mind this Patreon is for both of my channels. Link to my second channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Hduj61iz2J05TbxbFgMvA

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