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- Allow to made request and get priority for skin and mod. Request will be consider depend on amount of request available now
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Skin and mod are great! They can motivated us to play and give us a better gaming experience. With custom mod, you can enjoy many kind of different gameplay in single game. Much fun this way! ^^

Greeting, comrade
I am Xandier (Xerb) together with Sudoku, and we making mod and skin for WoT and WoWS. What we aim are simply to made skin to our beloved vehicle with many favorite character. So, over here, we like to share those work with you all :>
Now we want to made a whole set for kancolle skin, including with the interface modification for WoWs available for you all ASAP, that why we wanted to ask for support from you all so we can keep on working to finish this mod.

Even so, we still not forget about WoT. I still open to accept any skin request.
We accept any anime or even non-anime skin for the paint job.

We got many plenty of plan to give to you all in the future, I bet you cannot wait for it.
Want it? simply support us and we will made it happen.

If you got some issue or suggestion. Feel free to have a chat with me and other on:
Discord link:

or you can also visit my post in WoWs forum
North America (NA)
European (EU)

or even our main website

Well, that for now, see ya o7

$3 of $25 per month
There is a addlink everything you want to download our mod, the reason of it is to support us to keep on working and also keep us in track how many people visit our link.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts

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