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About Xata

Well met!

   Honestly, I'm not an artist or a designer yet, I want to learn.
I draw badly and in general I am not very good at art. But I have a lot of ideas, but just the ideas as it is known do not exist anything.

   In general, I want to make animated videos.
Therefore, I chose 3D, and began to learn.

   Why am I here? Because I want more motivation. =)
I created Twitter and will post my actions there.
And here I will upload the finished work in my opinion.
I do not consider myself skillful enough to hide something behind the paywall.

  But if you decide to support me, I will be very grateful to you and I will feel a responsibility that will make me work harder. =)

                             I apologize for my bad English, I'm from Pugabia)

                                                                                                                 I just want to be different.

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