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Any level of contribution helps. If every subscriber I had were to support the projects at this level, I would be able to go full time as a custom Airsoft designer and builder. 

Also, to make this much from ads on Youtube, you would have to watch each of my videos hundreads of times. So please, Turn on adblock, give google the middle finger and support me here! :D

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For those who are willing to contribute just a little bit more! If I ever got 1,000 of you helping out at this level, I believe weekly give aways would definitely become a reality.


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Alright guys, So after playing around with the XR-5 from CSI, I've come to have a huge desire for more sci-fi oriented guns like it. Honeslty, Sci-Fi guns are really the best part about Airsoft in my opinion. It's the only way we can have functional pewpew's with a out-of-this world look. It makes cosplay That much easier and It's something I feel more people should be inclined to do. Be Yourself! Enjoy what you want! Even if that means dressing up as a Spartan and slaying your friends with a futuristic gun based on a video game lol.

Okay, So the reason I brought up the XR-5, is because it is a gun based solely on one person imagination, and because its not base in reality, it gives one the ability to build a rifle out of composites and polymers as opposed to CNC aluminum and steel. Obviously this drastically reduces production costs and allows you to create custom rifles, all new to the market, for a relatively cheap price. Furthermore, machine time is cheaper, so one is not required to purchase expensive equipment to manufacture the guns themselves.

The point I am making is that I CAN DESIGN, BUILD, AND MASS-PRODUCE OUR DREAM GUNS! With a little help from you, the community, I will be able to establish an American Made airsoft company, that will be able to rapidly produce new and exciting guns designed by US.

For the purpose of proof of concept, all the guns will first be prototyped on in PLA on my own personal 3D printer. This includes the FIRST design I've come up with, inspired by the XR-5 and the LYNX .50 bmg bullpup sniper, which was feutured on my channel just a few weeks ago.

I have an extensive background in 3d modeling (derived from Pepakura work for cosplay), and have been hard at work coming up with a printable 3d file for the first concept, which remains unnamed atm.

-------- I Just want to add that ALL of you who choose to help me achieve this goal of coming up with a fresh new Airsoft rifle - Will be allowed to purchase the rifle before it's official release date, and at a STEEP DISCOUNT (at the very least), as this would be absolutely impossible without you, The Contributors. There is no way to know what that number is at this moment, however as a co-developer of this rifle (and more so this entire company), I feel it is only fitting that you pay what a Developer (myself included) will pay for whatever it is we come up with. If we share the costs of development, we share in the achievement of the finished product as well!

Also, If you like my content in general and you want to see me review more guns, go to more events, and grow our epic collection, feel free to support me here!

I Love any and all of you just for checking this out<3
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Rapid prototyping of Airsoft guns, as you can imagine, is very expensive. As we get closer to this number, in conjunction with my work income, this should be enough to get to my goal of bi-monthly releases of limited edition Airsoft Guns.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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