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About Xbwalker

See that kid in the blurry pic? That was me back in Christmas of 1998/99. Those two games in my hand were the beginning of the end of my console era. It was time to grow up and put childish things behind. It was time to become a PC gamer. At the tender age of 13, I discovered PC and Online gaming... and never looked back. I'm 32 now, and apparently, I'm supposed to have gotten over gaming at this age.

Sorry, no can do. From my time leading a small band of ten other teenagers in MechCommander Gold to the heights of my popularity as the leader of Alliance of Gamers (nearly 20,000 members at its peak), I've played tons of games. I love gaming. It's an addiction that I simply don't want to cure.

I closed Alliance of Gamers back in 2009 and have only recently made a re-appearence on the gaming scene. I now run a humble operation of about 120-150 gamers over at www.gorgonites.com. Please, join me on my awesome journey and check out our discord (linked at the website). At the very least, enjoy the gaming content I release!
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With enough Patreon support, I plan to use much of the money to run contests, especially key giveaways!
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