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About Xenina

I'm Xenina (Za - Nina), a smart mouthed, but humble, super genuine woman living in Paso Robles beer and wine country!  I am mostly Native American, so I do have a unique exotic look.  Professionally I'm in the hospitatlity industry.  I've been blessed with the gifts of gab, and congeniality.  This means that I easily make friends, and I have explored many places, both in and around California.  On my page, you'll find opinions, stories, food, winery tours, tech, games, and social commentary.

I don't have just one hobby, but I don't think I half-arse much. I believe that if you're going to do something, do a decent job.  Sometimes I'm a perfectionist about things, but I'm also an artistic, lateral thinker.  I love animals, and I think our planet is wasteful. I love America. I believe in Liberty and equal opportunity for all.  Huge things are happening in the world, and we all need to grow with them.

Come with me on my continued journeys and adventures. Let's learn more from the world, and enjoy it to the utmost! More fun! More love! More adventure! 

Thank you for your support.
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I'd really like to fund some contests where people can win fun trips, wine tours and other exciting prizes!
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