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"Hey guys, gurls, punk, uncle, auntie, granny, grandpa, I am uhh... a creator, u-um I mean not that creator that shows up on Youtube, or some handicrafter, etc. But I am a developer, of mobile and desktop apps, not in terms of real estate e-erhmm..". That's what I was originally wanted to write. But unlike the other creators in Patreon, I won't do a periodic release of my somewhat creations, 'cuz I don't think I could for the time being. I admit that me myself still have a lot of new things to learn, and the way I learn things is none other than creating app development projects, asking for solutions in forum communities and crawling search engines' indexed web pages. And just to let you know that the time I spent on each indie projects may not be the same, as everything depends on its complexity and how new it is (it could be something that's not yet popular — not even people in StackOverflow, Quora, Reddit, etc. discuss), which means I need more time, waiting for the community to help me to debug. That would explain why I would not dare to promise to publish an app each month, or every three months or maybe every decade — hwehwehwe nahh that's too long

People who visit this small Patreon page of mine should be the ones who have tried my app, unless they are told by some kind-hearted pals *wink*. But anyway, I would encourage everyone to first experience how well-polished my work is and how does it benefit you, before proceeding. I would not be posting my Patreon page link anywhere but at the 'Credits' section in each of my projects. If you feel my work is kinda trash or useless or even broken (bugged), I would much appreciate if you would leave me some inputs, instead of just ignoring it. But if you do feel satisfied and happy with what I create, it would be much lovely if you'd support me, and double love if you would share my projects with your friends.

Uhmm.. to end this 'About Me' article, I would like to share a good quote that I found ages ago — it's quite geeky tho' haha.

"Computers do not solve problems, they 'execute' solutions. And they do not do what you want them to do, but they do what you 'tell' them to do.".

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