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Appreciation -- The Finest of Emotions! And conversation!
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My thanks, & the community!

Even contributions as small as a dollar are still a much appreciated show of support! As active contributors, you all have my personal appreciation, & admission to the Patron-only Discord chat, & any future official Patron-only forums.

(You must provide your usernames for any forums you'd like to be added to. The current official forums are: Discord.)
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Even more content, & some notoriety!
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Content unlocked, & Credit!

Patrons who pledge five dollars will have access to any patron only videos, podcasts, & posts. In addition to this, your name will be listed alongside other Patrons at the end of my videos, in a special thanks to all of you who help support Xilver, With A Xi at this, & the tiers above.

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Get Blasted in a Video!
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Shout out!

Those that give fifteen dollars a month to the Xilver, With A Xi channel will get a personal, spoken shout out at the beginning of a video, after the opening quote, alongside other Patrons of this tier!

(Those that wish to still contribute at this tier but don't want the shout out can email me or contact me through Discord, & ask for me not to do so.)

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Your pledges will allow me to become a full time YouTube producer.

On my channel:
I will be & am creating argumentations, hosting streams & closed conversations with others of like & opposing mind, & provide other thought-provoking & evoking breakaway content, such as book readings & analysis.

On my social media:

I will be & am constantly seeking to actively engage with any & all persons -- ranging from those that ardently agree, & vehemently disagree -- on all of the platforms I find myself on. From YouTube to Discord, from Minds to Twitter, I'll be actively reaching out to others for debate, discussion, & even just shooting the shit.

Any funds provided by my patrons will go towards improving my equipment (PC upgrades, recording software & hardware, etc.) & my daily subsistence, which allows me to engage with fans & produce more content with greater frequency. The more my generous Patrons give to the channel, the more abundant & higher quality my content & interactions will be.

'Til then, everyone, this has been
Xilver, With A Xi

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One thousand dollars a month will allow me to become a full time content creator, cover any production costs for videos, and upgrade equipment as necessary.
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