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Hiya! Just your average Pleb, spreading out nonsense over the internet. I inconsistently produce content of all types, some of it best not disclosed to the public in general, so I thought I'd make a Patreon! For all those good little boys and girls who've taken interest in something I've done, and want to send a little support! 
I will neither be advertising my Patreon or any of my Creations on said Patreon, until I find something that both retains my interest and the interest of people experiencing my work! This is purely for a little extra income from the people I've managed to impress. If you have any questions or want links to what I produce, feel free to shoot me an email, or send me a PM! 

Honestly, though, I have no clue what to actually put here. So here is a joke:
What does an Elephant and a Bunch of Grapes have in common?

...They both have Trunks! Except for Grapes! 
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Just the fact ten different people enjoyed my work enough to search me out and donate, that makes me very happy.

I'm new as fuck to this stuff, so suggestions are welcome, but I'm thinking I should make a Discord server for us! 
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