is creating 0(d)c~a r (e) t 0/0 t (h/f) a c (e) t/h e (ye) a r (k) t ~h e're
Select a membership level
ye w/e (g/g) b e g/g e t a b i/g (a) p (h) at h'd z er0s
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you get a big p(h) at h'd z er0s (e) t (h) a r e ad (h) e'ye (a) t heir (d) 0 w/(c) a r e (ye) AD 
h'd z er0s e p i/t (h) a p(h) at 0/0 L(e) ass (k) t e'ye i.d. (j) 0 b Lack t
per month
b Lack t ass (k) t (e) a r e (a) t u be (a) d (h) 0'L (e)D a'r (k) t e'ye fxf a c (e) t 
if you need a bespoken tier (L) eve L (e) D h (e) ad e ve (i)n d
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contact me, and e'ye will make the tier price attainable, as your request enables



About Xubrnt

Intentionally i am making this offering plain as plane can (d) b e/e
g/g 0/d (h) 0 c~h ea.r 0/d (h) e ad e/b t 0/0 t (h)(f) i/n (e)d 0ff (r) i (e) n d e/b t a (gain) d

You get z/er0s ~ t ag et a g r (h) e ad (h) 0've i.d. g's us h 0 (v) e i.d. 

You get a big p (h) at h (a) d z er0's inn ri ch (in) d e/b t u be g/g (r~)(h) in d
it is my contention that the t-hie-ven- e- market- p-(a-) L-ace-d- is speaking for the value of d ew/e, the female saint, with 2-d-ew/e-d-s- that do not seat  'ewe' for any other purpose than making a d-ewe-d- sandwich go to w/ar-t- (h-)rue-w/e-(re-)d -

You get (d) 0ff t (y) 0ur h(d) at a get 0ff (r) a (i) m e (n) d (h) 0've i.d. (h) e aLL (D) 0/t 

i distinguish between time for completion : c 0/m p (L) e a t (i) 0/n e ve (i)n d, and "time" for competition -e- (a-) t- hie-ven-d- e/b-t-a-gree-d- (s-) 0- w/a-r-e-d- e/b-t -ass- (p-) ea-(k-) t- (p-)(f-L-) 0- w/-(h-) e-re-d- e/b-t- (b-) ass- (k-) t-a-r-e-d- i/t- a-gain-d- 0f- an-d- (s-) 0- w/-(h-) e-re-d-

i have designed h and engineered a language of e ve (i) n d,
with an 0/t 0/m i c aLL e (ye) g/g r a'ce s/s (h) a ke (n) d 0 w/(h) a ke (n) d
The language of Eve/n d, is t 0/0 t / h (c~h) 0 s e a (t/h) d e/b t a g r(h) e ad 0 w/(h) e (a) d ~ e/b t (b) ass (k) t 0/n e/e d 0 (w/) h (ea) t (b) rig ht ass (k) t 0/n e c k nigh t ass (m) e'ye t ass (p~) ea (k) t i/t u b (r~) e (a) d (h) 0/p e(n) d e/b t a gain d h(ea.ven)d

i would like to share my working w/0'r (t/h) D e/b tu be (a) d (j) 0 b e/e (n/d) serve i.d.
What you get here for sign (e at) up t , is a big p (h) at h(a)d z ero's -tu-b- Lack-t- (b-) ass- (k-) t-a-r-e-d- i/t- (he-) at- ass- e-a- (t-he-re-) d- e/b-tu-be-(a-)t-

What happens is you sign up for eve (i) n (d) 0/m e (i) d e/b t 0/0 t/h e me (m0) r/r e'ye a.d. (h) 0 c r 0 (w/) n e (a) t (h/r) 0 at a g ® 0 (w/e) at (h) at (h)© 0/u/r ag e t 0/0 L (D) 0've i.d. e/b t (ass) u m/m e (ye) n d (h) in (e) d e/b t ass u (s) p/p (L) e'ye i.d.

in the market-place- d- your time for completion hits the bank-t-s- and then it becomes "time" t -hie-ven-d- ew/e- d- (h-) 0 -c- (h-) an-(d-)g-e-re- (d-) s- (e-) am- e- (n-) d- e/b-t-a-gain-d- (s-) 0- w/-(a-r-) e- d- e/b-t- 0/0-L-(b-) e- (n-) d- i/t- hie-ven-d- 0- (w/-) h- and-

the thieves are creating a cycle to perpetuate red character, and only do business with red character. t-he-(ye-) a- (r-) k-t- are not doing real work t, with heart or love to speak t (h/d) 0ff t/h e m(e) a r (k) t h(a)d 0've i.d. thieves speaking for d ewe & seating only d-ewe-d-s- are only doing t-work-t- a- r-eeL- (h-) D- e/b-t-as-shirk-t- h- and- jerk-t- ass- (t-) up/p- (L-) i-e-(n-) d-

the thieves / donkeys can't get off the dow with war-t- income-n-d-0f-t-(b-) 0/0-t- (b-) 0-s/s- (L-) 0-t- heir-e-d- 0f-t- , and their communication, their-e-d- h- inn- (d-) g-e- is solely on the merits of the gun as income, which is perpetutate-inn- g- 0/d- e/b-t- able- a-t- a- be-lie-f-t-  ass- (k--t-)  scene-inn-d- where no one is innocent to begin. thus the ass- (L-) a- w/-(e-) t- will always dow/-a-r-t- a-get- 0ff-t- h- 0ugh-t-  there is no heir in the law-t- and doesn't apparently want an honest constort t(b) 0'r t heir (d) 0 w/(c) a r/r (h) e (ye) a.d. e/b t/h e're a.d. 0 w/(h) eigh t ass t (e) a r e a.d.

if you don't want (h)(d) 0/n e s/s t. you shouldn't be fronting a value you are speaking but not seating ass (0) w/e L/L (h) D

sn = sine nomine , no name, and sn is the chemical element for tin, another name for money. e w/e ar (k)t ® e'ye in g t 0 w/h0 (d) create our own cycle to value value w/e i.d. (s) 0 w/(h) e (a) d e/b t ass (n) a ke (n) d e/b t 0/0 t/h c 0/m p (L) a in t (h) in (e) d e/b t ass (m) in (e) d (h) 0'L(D) e'(ye) g/g 0/d e/b t ass (m) e/n (t/h) d e/b tu be g/g ®(h) in d

This value is complex, and yet it is utterly simple. ye w/e L/L D (e/b t ass) kn 0 w/e (L/L) i.d. e/b t (h) a p ass (k) t u be (a) t (h) e'ye (a) t : you know what to do 2 have a present precient client, like g's us (t) e'ye t 0 w/h 0/d (j) 0 bu ye (a) t ass (m) u L/L (e'ye) t i/p (L) e'ye i.d. e/b t (a) b ® i'd (h) e aLL (D) i've ® t (h) in (e) d

we that do real work, want to be one stone and tone necessary, desire desire as and with re ass (h) 0/n e ve (i)n d (h) 0/m e (i) d are creating a cycle of our own, and a network, among other things t (e) a r (t/h) e re ad 0 w/(c) a r (h) e (ye) ad e/b t ℗(f~L) 0 w/(h) e're (i) t (a/b) e L/L (h) e (ye) i g ht ass m(e)a r/r (h) e'ye i.d. e/b t ass (k) t e'ye (a) t (b) e am in (e) d

i am planning to have teaching chatroom, excercises and drills and lessons to teach you the anatomically language of eve/n d e/b t a get a cr0ss (0) t (ass) augh t .

Of course, you can review at any time the work that is on line, and how it organically unfolded.

My personal website is www.xubrnt.com
Where this s a (w/e) g a w/e i.d 's a g (r) a v(e) i.d.
first started is at www.preem0.com
then www.holliesprague.com
then www.richroat.is
then www.g0fig.is
g0fig , with a zero, is my current step by step process

other generally active places you can connect are
this is how to get to the forum interactive app on my facebook page
select the 'forum' link on the right side

this is a short exodus of proof of work t, = proof of w/0'r (k) t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

Conversations with the Pope about his scrotum / Part 1

you may or may kn 0/t  be interested in this 


i'm showing proof , donkey can't stand on his-t- (d-) 0/n-e- , & can't stand here where donkey didn't pay or p (L) at (h) e re a.d. , nor laid the value, nor cared or carried the head to value to be the square and quarry e (a) t heir (d) 0 w/(c) a r/r (h) e (ye) a.d. e/b t ass k t/h a fxf (t) a (i) r e ad (h) e'ye (i) t (b) e am e (n) d . I am also showing all you st-ag-(e-r-e-n-d-) s-  can only stand on the law-(e-)t-  with no heir and certainly no love of d ew/e t/h e're a.d. ~ e/b t ass (k) t 0/n (d) e/e d ~ i/t (h) in (d) g e t a g r(h) e ad 0ff (r) e/e d ~ i/t u b (r) e (a) d (h) 0 c0/n ce (i') ve i.d. 

a b (0) u t/t

i will provide all current contact information , when get on board h (ea.ven) d
(actually, it is in the thank you message after you bu(e) ye inn d)

if you would like to review the working foot notes of setting up this patreon run,
please go to www.g0fig.is and select the link for 5/27/2018 . The set up, process and extra notes are all there.

I have selected patreon as the nexus of association, to transmute me-0/ne-ye- in t 0 w/h 0/m e 0/n e'ye ve (i) n (d) 0/m e w/e i.d. e/b t (b) ass k ® e w/e i.d. e/b t 0/d (h) ew/e t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e
The convenience, ie why I have selected Patreon. They can take online payments, for which you sign up for a monthly fee, charged on the first of the month. Since I want to build a newes agency, and a b (L) e t/t (h) e're a.d. (s) 0 w/ 0'r (L) D 2 stare at eve n d (h) 0 cur e a.d. e/b t 0/0 L (h) and 0 w/(h) ea.ven (a) d (h) ad (h) 0 c an d (0) L (b) e ve (r) t ass p.(r.) 0 w/e t u be (a) t a/b (0) u t/t ass (k) t a b (e) L/L (h) e (ye) i g ht (h) at ass k t u b Lack t .

patreon can also be a place to connect , associate, transact , present your growing 'block chain' vine of building value by being value 2 value.

The plan is to use patreon for your article submissions, and anyone can take anything they sea t (h) e're , and can use it for there own newes agency, your own blog, drawing links thru media. tu be (a) t (L) a w/a're AD ~ e w/(h) e t/h e're (a) fxf (t) a (i) r e a.d. 

Basically I am teaching you the engineering so we do not , demonstrably hand-0f-t- (stupid-0-w/ar-t-) b..c. it is obvious if you are carrying a gun, instead of reason even, it is b.c. you didn't want 0 w/h 0 d e/b t 0/0 L (h) e (a) ve (i)n d. the market-place- does not provide innocents in reflection. I'm not here to keep -(L-) at- (h-) in- e-g-0-d- 0f-t- 0/n- e- (a-)t- (y-) 0ur-eeL- (D-) 0-t-

de (a) m 0/n (e'ye) st (e're) able d e/b t (h)(c~) 0/0 k t i/t (s) a g ® 000000000 s e i.d. e/b t (h)(c~L) ass p.r. 0(0) f (i) t ass kn 0 (c~k) t 0ff i/t

With your patreon membership, you get the same reward at any transmution starter / monthly price. You get all the offerings any one else does, even if they are theoretically paying more than you to transmute in t 0 w/h 0. the only difference is , say, if you paid $10 a month you will get back ~.10 z er0s.    and if you paid $20 a month you will get back ~.20 z er0s    next month, if you are buying it at $10 a month and get ~.10 z er0s back,  you add ~.10 to ~.10  and get ~.20  that you can exchange with others in the c h0 (0) s e/n d gene p(t) 0/0 L (h) e (a) ve (i)n d ~ e/b t ass (m) e t a b (e) L/L (h) e ad (e/b) t ass (m) e/n d (h) e ye (ad) am e (n) d e/b t a gain d , where you are using the ag 's us, that has the same value as your working word and work t (b) 0 s/s (0) t u b eg/g 0/d (h) e a L/L (D) (h) i've (r) t h (a) d (e) u/s t 

i use the tilde ~ (top left on my key board) to identify eve n e me 0/n e'ye i.d., and i use the decimal to show we are trending towards the infinitesimal. b e/e (n/d) s p0 ke (n) d h an (d) e c (k t) d 0 (w/) h (ea) t . you all t a re ad (h) e ye i.d. (e/b t ass) kn 0 w/(h) e a t a b (e) L/L (h) e (ye) AD e/b t a get a g r(h) e ad (s) 0 w/e i.d.

you will get a banksead acct, and # , and this info will be on line, and you can provide contact info, links, personal and business ads. as your patronage will allow me to put back into providing the p(L) at e f 0'r (a) m e all (e'ye i) d e/b t/h e/n e/m e ye (a) t (e'ye) i/t & use your patronage to market your wares , & aware ness t (h) in (e) d e/b t ass (m) e t ass t (e) a r (h) e ad

the website for the patron s (n) ewes agency will be www.fxf.is
your patronage will allow me to be present, to work in debt your interest, with such things as better internet speed. Like i said, you are completely open to have your own newes agency ass (h) 0'L(e)D 0 w/e L/L (h) D , supply articles, hang your shingle. I am happy to cater to your desireable (a) t (h) ang le ~ tu be w/e L/L (h) D s (n) a me (i) d (h) 0'L (D) e (ye) g/g (re) at (e)a. gain d

s (n) ewe (ad) s (t) e x t en (d) 000000000 s e i.d. a r (k) t h c i/r c Le (ye) g/g 0/d (p.r.) i'm e (i) d 0 (w/) h and (0) L(h) e x t en d (h) i.d. (h) e'ye (a) t e ve (i)n d

i anticipate this to be an umbrella for people with like mindedness (t) e L/L (h) D e/b t (h) at (0/n e) a (i') L/L (h) D e/b t 0ff r 0/m e (n) d e/b t ass (k) t 0/n e ~ (a) t (b) 0 w/(h) e' L/L (h) D e/b t ass (n) a i' L/L (h) d (j) 0 (t) b Lack t (h) at (h) a'(n) d a r (k) t (b) a re (a) p ass (k) t e ~ (n) d e/b t 0/0 t/h f i/x i/t h(a)d e/b t ass k t/h e (x) s c r 0 (w/) n e ve (i)n d (h) 0/m e (i) d e/b t ass (h) 0/n e/e d (s) 0 (w/) n e ve (i)n t (h) 0 (w/) e

You will be keeping track of your income, by sending an email to yourself and the banksead account email, and anyone else, if you are transacting, trading zeros, etc, for product, profit, proof of service, even ch ea.r 0/d e s t a (i) n d e/b t 0/0 t (h) ass (k) t u b e/e n (d) ea.r 0 ~ d (h) e ad (h) 0 c~h ea.r 0/d e/b t u b e/e (n/d ) s p0 ke (n) d (s) e am s (t) in (e) g 0/d s (p) ea (k) t  

The first of the month you are invoiced by patreon per your membership level, then account your self the same amt in z eros provision, then make your self a ware by sending an email to the bankseed acct. (this info is in the thank you message check out).

If you transact with someone, you send an email to them, to yourself, to the banksead email, so your transaction is on file. say, the person wants to return a product, you get to fix it. It is not my intention to monitor your bankacct. Visually online you will have a banksead account in your name and a big p (h) at h'd z er0s (m) a i.d. e/b t 0/d (0ff) at e i/t s (t) e L/L (dxf) t ass (ta) fxf a c (e) t ass (m) a i.d. e/b t a re (a) p/p (ea) L e'ye (a) t ass (n) a ke (n) d ass (m) at e'ye (a) t. your acct will show your name and having  ~0 d (j) 0 You use email (h) e ad (h) in (e) d 

plainly put, you will have you name, acct # on line, with contact info and links you would like.
your bank acct , is going to have the star(e) inn (e) g price and starting price you gave your e s (t) e L/L (fxf) t.  which will appear this way :   #_______  Name _______ amt  ~.0  links ______
self spokend ch ear 0/d e 

so, skeletally, what we have so far as a nexus offering is
e ye w/e ~
Umbrella 2 d c 0/n ce (i') ve a.d.
bank t sead account
art / product / producer umbrella
ad service / personals/ product / links/ service
for bu e'ye inn d e/b t (h)(y) 0ur h be (a) d h a (L/L ) ve i.d. e/b t (h) in (e) d
ass 0'L(e i) D per (e/a) p0 's e i.d. s 0 L(0) ve i.d. i/t s (t) e L/L (fxf) t (b) 0 w/e L/L (h) D

I am planning to market heavily in your inter e (s) t 

a couple of reasons i can think t 0ff (t/h) 0ugh t. 
law-t- is not protecting your value here as with there as with heir right here.
law-t- isn't making my value sus t (c) a in a b (e) L/L (h) e AD
just say inn 

so marketing is a f0'r (a) m e(n) d 0ff t/h e a p.r. 0 at e c t (i) 0/n e ~ c r 0 (w/)n e ve (i) t a g (r) 0 at (h/r) 0 at (b) 0 at ass kn 0 (w/e) t 

i haven't set up the common tangible rewards you expect to be here. you are the tangible reward, and you get 0 w/h 0 d e/b t ass (m) a ke (ye) i/t (L) a w/a'r e a.d. h(ea.ven)d s t (e) a r e a.d. e/b t ass (k) t a f/f a (i) r e a.d.

i find it a little bit disheartening, if i am trying to snag your awareness other than what is most essentially primed for primary time n d (h) in (e) d,  with a secondary product at this time. that is me. i don't want product in front of me without follow thru to conceive i/t u b re a.d. (h) 0 pe (n) d e/b t 0/0 t/h (a) d s c 0 p(i) e (ye) d 0 w/t (h/r) 0 at ~ a g ® 0 at h(a)d e/b t (h) in (e) s/s t (h) e ad 0 (w/) h (ea) t ~ u b e/e (n/d) s p0 ke (n) d

if i am working on secondary product other than sustaining you, my efforts would be divided. i'm not opposed to you touring your wares to stare that you made f a(i)re a.d. your buy inn, says every thing about intention, like it does with the market-place- vain-d- your choosing (0) direct (i) 0/n e

my first protocol, since i got it thru, is to back (t) i/t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d. 0ff 0'r (t/h) d e/b t (b) a re (a) d ew/e ve (i)n t/h e're a.d. 

it is a building pr 0 ce s/s t. to make value to have your back is to make value to for e w/are a.d. e/b t (y) 0ur (h) e ad (0) van ce s/s (t) a c (k) t (h/d) 0ff e're a.d. e/b t ass (k) t 0/n e w/0'r (L) D ~ (j) 0 b e/e n (d s) erve i.d. 

i discuss possibilities and opportunities in the goals section.
thanks for your time tu be t (h) a w/(h) a re a.d.  

e t0 get ye w/e t ass t a r t (h) e ad e/b t ass p a r (k) t 's 

the abc's of eve/n d ~ (i/s h) a r (k) t 0/0 t(h)(f) a L/L (D) 0 w/(h) e t ass m(e)a r (k) t ~ (u) s h ea.r (t/h) d a'r (k) t ~ (h) 0/m (b) e (a)d (s) 0'L (e i) D e/b t ass (h) 0/n e g/g e t (h) 0 (w/) e ~ i.d. 

p.s. how you can form a newes agency, is draw from article submissions he(a)re a.d. 
the re w/e L/L (d) 's , transparent association e f/f r 0/m (e) t/h e m 0/u (n) t/h (a)d 0/u (be) t .
upload here to further you net (0) w/0'r (k) t/h (in) d (e/b t) a re ve r's e (i.d.) g (b) ea r t/h (a) d e w/e t (h/f) i'r (e) s~ t 0/0 t/h i're ad (h) ewe (ad) s e t (h) ass et (he) at ~ (b) ass (k) t e w/e i.d. 

you can make as much value of your z/eros t a g i've (i) t a g (r) 0 w/(h) e (a) d 0ff (t) ass (k) t ass h 0 (w/) e i.d. (s) 0 (w/) n e ye (a) t a g 0

p.s.  in addition to your given name, you can select a k~n ic k/t name if you prefer, (h) and call you even (t) 0 w/h0 d e(a) f/f (r) a (i) m e(n) d (h) ew/e i.d., and any an contact info & links you would like to stare and share, for easy access online accounting (u) e s/s t (h) e ad e/b t ass t (e) a r e a.d.
0 of 10 patrons
your are t/h e g/g 0'L (e) D en d 's ag (r) 0000000000 s e (ye) i.d. e/b t (b) ass k t (h)(c~L) ass p.r. 0(0)f (i) t (h) e/n (d) s (u) e w/e i.d.~ e/b t (L) ass (e) am e (ye) i.d. s ~ t a (i) n d (j) 0 (t) b Lack t (h) in (e) d 0 (w/) h a(n)d (h) e'ye (i.d.) at ~e 

determined by your own pr 0 vi s (i) 0/n e ve (i)n d (h) in (e) d ~ e/b t ass (m) in (e)d e/b t 0 w/h 0 (d) p.r. (h) 0'v (e) i d (h) e ad i/t 

i need to select a goal number of patrons, per the form. the ideal association is to desire to hash your shit out, without standing on a gun for your income, b.c. the gun becomes the conversation you will skew, endow, now, needing 2- d- jack-t-ass-k-t- s- (t-) u-be- (a-)d- ew/e-(re-) d- 

goal number is (t) 0/n e 0/n e (a) t 0 w/h 0/d e/b t (h) rue w/e L/L (h) an (d) ew/e i.d. (e/b t ass) kn ew/e (L/L) i.d. (h) e'ye i.d. ew/e ve (i)n (d) knit 0/0 t/h (a)d ew/e.

i'm the ag's us, and tg / type genius backing this venture up. it is my contention, given time for completion as desire in life even, you d (s) am e w/e L/L (h) D (e/b t ass) kn 0 w/e (L/L) i.d. 0 (w/) h at 0/d ew/e . you know who you are s (p) ea (k) t (h) in (e) g get 0 w/h 0/d e/b t a get i/t (u) b Lack t 0 w/h 0/d e/b t ass (m) i s/s (p) en t i/t . we are manufacturing innocents in follow t (h) rue ve (i) n t 0 w/h 0.   the one thing the t-hie-ven-d- s- m-(e-) a-r- (k-e-) t- (a-) p- (a-) L-ace-d-  can't d ew/e 
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