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 By support Xylos Promotions for $1 / month you'll:


  • 1000 XP  towards your profile in the server
  • Get the Donater-role on the Xylos Community Discord server. (This gives you acess to a private chat and voice channel on our Xylos Community server)
  •  Name listed on the #donator channel so people know who are supporting the server (DM Seikatsu to be added!)
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  • Custom tag/color role

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- Welcome to Xylos Community official Patreon! We have been founded in April 2015. We are current at 100+ members and are focusing to keep it growing with an active community and staff to help maintain this running smoothly. In order for us to continue doing giveaways, hosting our bots and advertising the server, we need your help!
- Any amount you could contribute no matter how small or large will greatly help us achieve this goal and make this community better and better for you all.
- None of the funds will go to personal use, only for server or server related costs. You the community is what makes this server so, we appreciate your support.

What we have to offer:
• 24/7 Music Livestream
• Active Voice Chats and Text Chats
• Leveling System ( Depending on your activity in the server you level up and move up on the ranks).
• A place for EDM music lovers.
• We have global emotes

- Have some fun and please enjoy your stay here in the Xylos Community Discord!

- Enjoy our catalog of music while gaming, relaxing or studying! This stream is not monetized and is also running off a server. Donations go directly towards bettering the quality of the channel as a whole not just the stream. They help with artworks, designs, animations and more. Donations are completely optional and watching the stream is more than enough support.

Thanks for reading,
- Seikatsu

Our Links:
$0 of $20 per month
To keep upgrading the stuff for the music channel to keep you guys entertained
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