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There are many great things that come to mind when you think of Las Vegas, but we doubt classical music is one of them. In a city full of lights, glamour, and temptation, classical music isn't a headlining act. That was until September 2015 when the Young Artists Orchestra program was born.

Who we are:

The Las Vegas Young Artists Orchestra
 is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization supporting the artistic musical talents of young musicians in Las Vegas. We are the only tuition-free program in the State of Nevada offering an after school music program for students aged 8-22, in addition to offering professional training and collaborations with renowned artists in classical, jazz, and world music. The LVYAO was founded in 2015 with just 22 string players, and grew to 100 string, wind, and brass players by 2016. Today, as we enter our 3rd anniversary season, the LVYAO is home to over 130+ music students!

What we do:

The LVYAO has created a community of like-minded young musicians that come together and express themselves at the highest possible levels. Currently, we welcome up to 150 students of diverse ages and abilities that share their love of music through practice and performance. Every single student in our program receives free tuition, and it's something we are extremely passionate and proud of. The main focus of the program is our orchestra. The LVYAO has an Academy Orchestra (a string orchestra for students under the age of 16), and the Young Artists Orchestra (a symphonic group for students up to the age of 22). 

Performance: We present over 20 concerts & events per season including (5) orchestral performances, (4) showcase recitals featuring our students, (5) professional recital series featuring professionals collaborating alongside our students, and up to (10) masterclasses. 

Instruments: The LVYAO has an instrument bank featuring high quality instruments for students to use. Instruments are either donated or on loan to the organization.

Why we're free:

Education is very important to us. Part of our mission is to educate, develop, and promote young musicians, but also to give them a home where they can come and express themselves at the highest level. We're building a community that doesn't judge on wealth, but rather on hard work and dedication. In a time where the arts are the first to get cut, we're here to make sure no student is ever cut or turned away because of financial restraints.

How you can help:

Ask yourselves what music education means to you. Do you want every students to have access to a free youth orchestra that promotes positive and forward thinking regardless of income? Our governments give little support for the arts and most support comes from individuals. With your help we can provide more opportunities to students all over Las Vegas who strive for a better future regardless if its in music or not. They have a home that keeps them out of trouble, and on a better path.

Because we are new, we need all the help we can get. Every donation helps as does every single share via Facebook, Twitter, email, and blogs. We want as many people as possible to be a part of what we've built and see it grow into something truly special. Las Vegas will be known for more than just Casinos.

Patreon is a great place to support our young artists and keep them playing into a better future. Become a monthly patron and watch the results as we change lives!
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