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Hello LARP is a podcast made by LARPers, for LARPers, and about LARPers. It is a Dutch podcast wherein four people, Imke, Pascal, Kotka, and Mark talk about all kinds of different topics related to LARPing in the Netherlands. This podcast was created because host Imke, the head of YFMC Studio, felt that there should be more information about LARP in the media that show it for what it really is, and to collect and tell those things that all LARPers have a fondness for: LARP stories. The podcast sends out weekly on Friday, and patrons of $5 and up can find the podcast from Wednesday onwards (if we can record it on time). Next to all kinds of heavy topics such as handling boundaries we also give LARPs the opportunity to come and talk about themselves so that people can get to know more LARPs and learn more information about the LARPs that they are going to.

Now that the website has been made I can make more strides towards getting the web serial Fearless Company online. Fearless Company is the story of a LARP. The LARP is of course called Fearless Company. The main part of the story focuses on what happens during the events, but the drama and goings on around the events will also be showcased in extra chapters. Patrons will get the chance to see the planning and the research of the story and will also be able to read the extra chapters before everyone else does. The story mainly focuses on Kevin Baart and his character Aldren Smith, but along the way, other characters will also come to the front in special chapters.  

Next to podcasts this studio also creates all kinds of things. The motto of the studio is: Your Fantasy, My Creations. Whether you need a costume, a pair of pants or a new shirt, a prop or a gift for someone, I can make it for you. So far I have made costumes for LARP and for a fair, but also normal clothing. I have made a prop of a bloody uterus. I have made several pixel paintings as gifts for people. I am learning to knit scarves, which I can make to be used in the game to complement any costume!
As a patron of $5 and up, your chosen tier gives you that percentage in a discount on the making costs of ordering things from me. 

I also write stories and starting November 2018 I started writing a web serial about the LARP Fearless Company which will be published on the web hopefully starting 2019. Patrons will be able to see behind the scenes information of the process and the story. 

At Vortex Adventures, and hopefully future other LARPs where I will be a player, I cook in the game in a cauldron for a maximum of 25 people, usually, it is around 20. I made a specific cookbook of sorts to be able to do this, and it is available for patrons of $10 and up free of charge.

That is not all. Years ago when I was working on a different story, which might someday see the light of day, I wrote about the priestesses of a water goddess who help people through different means of divination, including reading tarot cards. I bought a deck that comes as close as I could find it to the one that they would use. Ever since then I have been doing tarot readings, and I have learned that it is possible and highly entertaining, to use them in LARP as well. So for my Viking princess Embla Halvorsdottir, I bought a Viking deck and now I do LARP appropriate readings next to normal readings. Patrons of $20 are eligible for a free reading once every two months and patrons of $50 are eligible for a free reading every month. 

I do a New Year's Spread each year for select people. If you want one as well, you can order one for as low as 20 euros. This spread is very in depth with 12 cards pulled from the deck looking at where you want to go next year, what you've learned, what you're going to learn, it looks at your work and career, your health, your relationships, your inner fulfillment, what you should focus on and where you are headed. 
Other tarot spreads can be ordered for as little as 5 euros for a small three-card reading to 10 euros for an in-depth spread such as the Celtic Cross with 10 cards. 
All patrons of $5 and up get a discount based on their tier! 
$11 of $20 per month
With your help I can move the webserial to a paid website that will allow me to put in more features.
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