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Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon! And if you become a patron welcome to my community of YKTDTV viewers! You are the building blocks to making my business that much better!

My name is Richard Pestritto, and I am 34 years old originally from Torrington, CT. I am an avid sports fan and used to play baseball in High School. I've always loved watching and participating in some way when it comes to sports, but I also love talking about sports and other things. I run a brand called You Know The Deal Television, or YKTDTV for short. It is THE station for sports, opinions, real talk, and more. "If you heard it from us, then You Know The Deal". There is a web site, a YouTube channel, a Twitch channel, a Twitter page, a Facebook page, an Instagram page, and a SoundCloud. I created the web site, make the Twitch content with my girlfriend, run the social media pages, and post the tracks on the SoundCloud (not currently used). By becoming a patron you can be part of a unique group with exclusive rewards. This includes access to patron-only posts on Patreon, a certificate of thanks, having your name mentioned to let others know you have chosen to be a part of this community, and much more. You can also check out YKTDTV merchandise on Teespring. There are men's & women's tees, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and more. There are even special edition merchandise that raises awareness for Breast Cancer and Autism. I thought that by creating a Patreon for YKTDTV I could do something for my family. I met my girlfriend Betty on Facebook in 2010, then moved to Philadelphia, PA to be with her and her 2 adult autistic children in February of 2013. 10 months later she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer that spread to her shoulder, back, and thigh. She had to have a partial hip replacement where they added a metal femur, as well as multiple radiation treatments. Not to mention months of physical therapy, she still has trouble walking without a walker and relies on a wheelchair. Since then Betty has also undergone emergency surgery to remove her gall bladder which caused sepsis to spread throughout her entire body in 2015; a hemorrhage in her right eye which almost blinded her and required 4 needles injected into her eye in May of this year; and most recently a bout with pneumonia 2 months ago. She also has a bulging left eye due to Graves Disease, which affects the thyroid and can go dormant and active at will. My girlfriend had told me that I shouldn't have to deal with all her medical problems especially so soon after moving down to be with her. She gave me the opportunity to return home if I thought it was too much. I've never been known to give up on anything and immediately said I would take care of her, that I am where I am supposed to be. So I became her primary caregiver and have been since the original diagnosis. I had to quit my job at a restaurant and convenience store supply warehouse to take care of Betty. That meant that a regular paycheck wasn't possible anymore. When you love someone it doesn't matter what you have to go through as long as you do it together. We've gotten through everything together for 7 years now, and even though we are not married, we don't need a piece of paper to feel that we are. Even though there is an age gap, with love age is just a number.
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That first one means a lot to me, it tells me that what I do is worth something to people other than myself and my family. Whether it's just a donation or a patron subscribing monthly, it is a milestone in my career doing this.
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