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About YZYX


My name is Manu. I'm a sound engineer and musician from Chile. I make music with old video game consoles, Vocaloids, Guitars and Computers. I have a true passion for music, no matter the style. Also, I love studying, teaching and explore new things in sound.


I can produce almost everything, especially modern ELECTRONIC and ROCK music. I try to incorporate 8-bit, Classical and Jazz elements. Also I use VOCALOID to give a new dimension in terms of sound: lyrics and rhymes. My musical taste is wide, so I borrow elements from different genres.

Besides my original music, I make covers from Video Game Music, Anime or music that I just like. I'm always open to suggestions.


I offer content that Isn't made for public. My rewards are suitable for different audiences. So, you can get involved in the whole creative process. Through a monthly subscription, you will be rewarded with exclusive content.

  • For previously published creations (more than 90 days old), you get instant access to rewards according to your chosen tier.
  • For upcoming and new releases, you get instant access to demos, samples, presets and partial stems, full access after 90 days of publication.


This is what I can reach with your support:
  • Connect with my audience and reach more people.
  • Hire artists to reduce my workload.
  • Improve the quality of my life and my family in order to make more and better music.
  • Update my gear and buy new tools for making music.
  • Livestreaming
  • Move to another place and start a new chapter in my life.


I'm always working in new original songs and covers. I have enough good material to share with my patreons. Besides that, I have been working in album releases for a long time, even years. I'm a really meticulous person, so I try show my best in every published work. Here's a list of releases that you can get news and previews:

████████░░ 80% Gurodoll (Side-project)
████████░░ 80% Video Games Music Remixes vol.1
███████░░░ 70% 1st YZYX album
█████░░░░░ 50% YZYX band project
██████░░░░ 60% Chiptune Works vol.1
████████░░ 80% Lost memories (Patreon Exclusive)

  • Gurodoll (Side-project): A vocaloid death metal project. Extreme music with electronic elements and a very technical execution.
  • VGM Remixes vol.1: Rock and Electronic arrangements of video game songs.
  • 1st YZYX album: A remastered of my best electronic works and new stuff. Catchy beats for your ears.
  • YZYX band project: Progressive Symphonic Rock with Vocaloids and Choirs, an epic journey to emotive melodies and complex harmonies.
  • Chiptune works: My first musical incursions using game boys and trackers. Exploring the limitations of these old systems beyond creativity and getting a modern sound was the idea. 8-bit tunes and more for your enjoyment.
  • Lost memories: My old and never published works between 2011~2013, remixed and remastered. Extremely technical, experimental and fast tracks. Due I'm no longer making this kind of music but proud of my first works, I decided to make it exclusive for patreon for a limited time.


I live in Chile, a very hostile environment for artists. People work hard for low wages, high unemployment rate, a lot of immigration from poor countries, so everyone struggles with money, especially artists (like me). As a freelancer, usually the pay isn't good or not even paid at all. For that reason, I had to put aside my musical career for long periods of time and work in things that I don't even enjoy to make a living. In consequence, visits and recommendations in streaming services like YouTube and Spotify are getting lower, resulting in less income to make a living. If things go in that direction, I would not be able to make music. So, I started Patreon to revert my situation, work and connect with people to keep making what I really love. With your help, I can make it possible.


If you have some bucks to spare, I hope my music can help a bit to make the world a more enjoyable place. We're all together in this. Peace

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