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Only able to donate a dollar? That's fine! For your humble donation, you get ... drum roll please....

-A thank you and a good feeling in your heart.

Yeah i don't have anything to give right now.

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are you just donating for the memes? alright. anyways, because a huge chunk of everything on my soundcloud is downloadable, i guess if you want, you could pick a song from it, and i could find the project file and send it over. you see, i use LMMS, so anyone can download the software and use it because its free. now if you dont have all the samples i used, then they may not be present in the project. not really sure if thats how it is or not, but if that is the case, then there is not much i could do.




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Hi, Im an indie music producer. i make primarily video game related things, so my music often loops. with that, i can make a variety of genres. i hope to make music for a video game on day.

well i kinda already have, the giant playlist on my soundcloud account was a mod for a game called "blazblue: centralfiction". if you just so happen to have the game, here is the mod right here:

if you like my music and memes, then do become a patreon.  and go on to my soundcloud account and give some songs a listen to, also do leave a like on the songs that you.. like. lets me know that people are enjoying my stuff.
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well if i get here then at least ill know that my work is worth something. i could use the money to buy better software and vsts. or use it to finance myself, in whatever my life needs. but i only want to reach this goal with people who think my music is worth it. so don't donate to be nice please.
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