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As far as i can remember, i am drawing. And i never stopped, using all tools that would fall into my hands, thus learning different techniques and skills (from analogic to digital).
Today is the day where i need some support from all my Friends from all over the World. I want to keep creating, to go back to my analogic roots and to do it for You Guys.
I deeply Thank You in advance for joining me in this new adventure, and this should be quite the One =)<3

WHY PLEDGE? To help me buy more art supplies as i go, you all know those things get used and eventually are empty/dead/dried out, this is exactly when and where your pledges are used.

You can pledge any sum you want, the minimum being 1usd, and the maximum being what your heart desires, dont be misleaded by the Total sum i get each month from ALL my Patrons put together, it s really up to YOU to decide what you want to help me with.
$42 of $250 per month
When i reach 250$ per month, i will make a raflle to send a unique piece made just for the winning Patron.
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