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Make your typing life better with an efficient and comfortable keyboard
Since 2012, we have been creating keyboards that integrate gaming with typing experience. According to statistics, 69.27% of keyboards require using the left hand for typing while operating the mouse with the right. What we need is a keyboard, and not a typewriter with circuit. TYPI is the perfect keyboard for professional writers, coders and all digital professionals—improving efficiency, allowing users to type comfortably and healthily,, working perfectly with your mouse, and generally promoting a more intuitive and faster typing output with a fraction of the effort.


1. Top Comfort Meets Ultimate Efficiency
We designed the TYPI Keyboard eyeing two main concerns: to make it perfectly comfortable for your hands and more intuitive for a constant and more productive use while also making it super-efficient to let you go on typing and working while not being detained by pain and discomfort.
Plus, the way we redesigned the conventional keyboard means one very important thing: every key that you need to use is far easier to reach, which, when you consider how many hours you spend per day on your computer, truly makes a difference
2. More Reasonable Use of Table Space
Usually a square-shaped object makes more efficient us of space. TYPI keyboard avoids taking too much horizontal space which full-size keyboard usually does, and it covers enough function keys that overly short-sized keyboard does not have. Apart from perfect key organization, TYPI is shaped in golden ratio to add more delicacy to your desk.
3. TYPI Keyboard was Designed with Three Criteria in Mind:
A. Respect for user habit, spare of cost in learning new keyboard and avoidance of wrong touch of keys by mistake.
B. Consideration of scenario for each key to reduce finger moving distance and improve typing experience.

C. Compact design without complex and meaningless functions such as key color lights or complicated programming. Key Layout of TYPI V.S. Key Layout of traditional keyboard。

Efficiency-Focused Key Innovation

When developing the perfect keyboard for the demanding requirements of modern-day users like you, we also felt that there were some keys missing in conventional keyboards that the TYPI Keyboard should have in order to improve efficiency and user experience convenience, TYPI does not require any other complex add-ons to achieve this.

 Steel Keyswitch Plate

  • original 4th Quadrant series
  • 4X1000 limited editions.
    Thanks to Alessandro for creating 4 thematic cartoons. These cartoons correspond to four different Cherry MX switch variations, limited 1000 keyboards for each pattern only, 4000 keyboards in total. A stainless keyswitch plate engraved with delicate floral design makes the keyboard look extraordinary.

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