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About Yanagami

Hello! This is Yanagami, the creator of ''Welcome to Nowhere'' , ''Grass Man'' & ''Two Souls'' which you can find on Tapastic and Webtoons.
Welcome to my page! My Patreon is here for anyone who wants goodies involving any of my comics. Thank you from a very grateful and appreciative creator. Any amount received will be deeply appreciated, thank you so much~!

PS: ''Welcome to nowhere'' is one of my new series & the ''Grass Man'' and''Two Souls'' are just one-shot's ☆

Why Patreon?
My goal is to be able to update my comics twice a month with your help. My ultimate goal is to be financially stable enough to update weekly. Making a comic is extremely time-consuming. With this patreon I hope to improve the quality of my work and focus more on art than other things.

I want to tell the stories of all my characters and create more :)

I plan on adding or updating more rewards + tiers in the future-coming soon!
Thank you so much for your support!!
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My health insurance is saved! I have lots of payements and this can help me so that I can work with my series  more. Thank you!
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