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Product Marketer — Dreamer— Storyteller. I launch products into the universe and I like telling stories that start with "once upon a time".  I've written screenplays and blog about growing up Iraqi-American, recovering from living in Manhattan, working in technology in Silicon Valley and existential thoughts.  

I have four big projects that I'm currently working on: 

1. I'm currently in production in Los Angeles for a short film called "A Star In the Desert" -- a 15-minute dramatic short film that tells the story of the first day of the bombing of Baghdad from a child’s point of view. (AStarInTheDesert.com). We raised some capital on Kickstarter, but we have a lot more that we need to make the film with all the scenes + post with editing. We are currently in the 11th hour of this production, and are set to film in LA in August. 

2. I've completed a manuscript of a book called "Product Marketing Debunked: The Essential Go-To-Market Guide", which was based purely on the number of questions I got from companies and founders all over the world about the go-to-market process and how to launch a product. I am going through the self-publishing process now, and will publish this book in mid August. 

3. I'm in the middle of writing my memoir about growing up Iraqi-American which is a soul harrowing narrative about my inner dialogue while coming of age in the United States. 

4. I've started a book called "Letters to my younger sister", which is a guide for younger women who are about to enter the workforce. 

Other: I write for HackerNoon, and spend a lot of my time volunteering for a number of organizations. I'm really passionate about helping younger demographics grow into their potential. 
Visit my medium page: https://medium.com/@yasmeenturayhi
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When I reach $800 per month, I’ll share the first chapter of my memoir about growing up Iraqi-American on medium. 
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