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About Lennart Usbeck

Who Are you?
My name is Lennart Usbeck and I like to make animated video game shorts, wich is a cool combination of words and means nothing else then animated cartoons about games... I started making flash animations with poorly stickman animations many years ago but never finished something of interest. Animating with Flash combines everything I have a lot of fun with: Drawing and creating videos, so I try to improve on every day. I also have a passion for gaming and comedy, so I try to mix them together for this huge project. I really hope that I can make a career or something similar of it someday. Patreon may help me to make that happen!

What is this Patreon-thing?
Patreon enabled a way to support content creators directly. It is Kind of a voluntary subscription model like Kickstarter, only it is a more persistent. You can choose any donation amount that you like and that is applied every time a new video is uploaded to my channel. You can apply a maximum amount per month, too! And Sure, with patreon you can opt out of at ANY TIME and is a COMPLETLY OPTIONAL way to support me.

Final Notes
Your support would really help me increase the quality of content to deliver to you as viewer as well as help me to dedicate my time fully to animation and videos. Thank you so much to everyone for your support! YOU are amazing!
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