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Welcome to the passion project called #yegtheatrestats .
Who am I? My name is Samantha Jeffery, and I'm an Edmonton-based professional theatre artist. I've always been curious about the gender breakdown of professional theatre in Edmonton, and haven't been able to find any studies... so I started my own!

Since beginning in June 2017, I've collected statistics on the gender makeup of:
over 34 professional theatre companies
over 135 individual shows
all of which is freely available to see online on spreadsheets.

I post summaries every month, as well as full season summaries once a year.
Statistics are presented as found, without editorializing.
Methods of collecting and presenting data are updated as best practices are discovered.
I've obtained professional assistance with what language to use around gender.

I want to continue this work, as well as expand to:
  • increase the visibility of the data
  • include Calgary and the rest of Alberta
  • include visual diversity
  • make some killer infographics
  • and increase my statistical accuracy!

My hope is that making this information available & visible will have an effect on the gender makeup of professional theatre of Edmonton. That patterns in hiring can become more recognizable, and companies be held accountable by the community and themselves.

So far, I've been unable to access official funding, since grants are for creative projects or non-profits... neither of which this is! Currently all work is done by yours truly in the comfort of my living room on my own dime: statistic collection, analysis, summaries, posting, and website. 
That's where you come in. If you appreciate the work I'm doing, let me know. Tell your friends. Throw me a couple bucks for a coffee. 

Want to read more?
Check out my website:
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When I reach 30 patrons, I'll start collecting statistics on production team in addition to creative team; technicians, operators and the like.
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