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Access to my Discord server managed by a bot's magical wizardry. I'm on almost every day when I'm not recording. There's also voice chat, but honestly I'll never use it. Voice chat may be limited based on users or removed based on abuse / complaints.
Includes Discord benefits
Name In-Game; Polls
per month
Name in-game where custom names are frequent or deaths are to be expected (RimWorld, Stonehearth, etc.) In games where deaths are fairly rapid (XCOM) cloning will be available to supporters of this tier. I'll likely cycle through the list once then cloning as your name comes up again. For instant cloning, see the higher tier. 

Access to Patreon polls regarding which game to play next! One "series slot" will be for Patreon-voted games where you vote on a game for me to play. Close seconds will be added for the next month, and an "other" option will be available for something not on the list. Frequently suggested games will also be added to future polls.

Discord access from $1 tier included.

Includes Discord benefits
Instant Cloning; Recurring Character
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Name in any game where I can fit you (Districts in Cities: Skylines, neighbours in The Sims, etc).  Basically a regular / recurring character on the channel :D

You'll also get instant-cloning where applicable - no more waiting for the list to cycle! 

Voting from $5 tier and Discord access from $1 tier included.

Includes Discord benefits




If you are having issues connecting to the Discord server, let me know -- send me a message on Patreon and be sure you're pledged into the correct tier (not "Pledged without reward"). Patreon's bot handles adding you to the server, so if you're not on the correct tier, it won't know to add you.

Google Wallet and PayPal donations can alternatively be sent to [email protected]

I aim to create entertaining and edit-heavy gaming videos on a daily basis, but currently YouTube alone won't keep me fed! You deserve to get the very best I can offer every day but at the rate we're going, I'll need to go back to a part-time job. With a part-time job on the side, video production will slow back down to a crawl. I don't want that!

With your support, I'll be able to continue regularly:

• Follow indie games in development (Like Rimworld or Xenonauts)
• Do game reviews / first impressions
• Include more legitimate editing (Like Sims 3's reboot)
• Livestream regularly
• Make more highlight videos
• Make more co-op videos

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