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A lower level pledge so you can help support the server without paying too much. You receive 1,000 of various resources.

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A medium level pledge so you can help support the server and only pay a small amount. For paying this small amount we thank you and reward you with resources and 2 medium sized dinosaurs of opposite sex.

per month

A medium-large level pledge so you can support the server and pay a good portion of running costs for the server. For paying this amount you are rewarded Resources monthly, Large Breeder's Dinosaurs, and your pick of one dinosaur from a selection of Extinction exclusive dinosaurs.




You can support the server directly through Patreon by pledging certain amounts to help us maintain the server and get in game rewards in return!
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When we reach $32 per month, we will upgrade the player cap to 32 players and start adding more custom drops, community events, ect.
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