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  • A huge personal THANK YOU for being a Yike supporter!
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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page.

Who Am I?

I am currently a 19-year-old student following IT courses in The Netherlands. Ever since I discovered YouTube for the first time it was my dream to become a YouTuber myself, which I did in the year of 2013 when I created my first channel called ''YikeFilms''. I uploaded mainly Minecraft machinimas for four years until I decided to switch things up, without any success. The channel slowly died as I didn't want to create Minecraft content (which I now don't) and getting new viewers to the channel is a task. 

I enjoy playing lots of different games but never uploaded videos on those games because I was scared nobody would watch. I now realize I don't need to care or aim for views as I should just create videos I want to post.

I am happy however with how things are and will continue to create content I enjoy making together with the help of my good friends. I will listen to feedback and criticism to appeal to more viewers and to create better videos so my channel will stay alive (or not).

What will I do with the money you pledge?

If you were to pledge a certain amount once (or every month) I would use that money (only) for YouTube purposes, like investing in better equipment and hardware to increase the quality of my content. As a student, I need to earn money to be able to pay for certain things such as healthcare, food, the education I am following and other expenses. I work part-time when I can but if I were to reach an amount bigger than my current monthly salary I would quit and create more time to work on YouTube videos.

So any pledges through Patreon would help me be more financially stable and give me more time to work on videos. I am not someone going at it for the money so if you don't know whether to donate, don't unless you would like to support the channel and if you can afford to lose it.

(NOTE: In the future I will add more rewards as I currently do not have alot. For the bigger rewards you don't need to pay monthly in order to get them.)
$0 of $100 per month
If I reach this goal I will dedicate more time to work on YouTube content and save up to upgrade my current system.
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