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One Small Step for Man
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One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Though it is a small contribution in the giant scope of it all, it matters. Because when enough people band together, and enough people care; the world can change.

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(No association with Fiverr) Five Dollars. That is more than some people in the world make a day, every cent matters for this cause. The beginning moments of YourHub will be the most perilous ones, thank you for your donation. I'll make sure it counts.

A Classroom Student
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Ten dollars. You know, with just a classroom full of patrons that pledge ten dollars per month, I would be supported for a year per month. Thank you, and please spread word for this cause.




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I've been a content creator for a couple years now. I don't even begin to hold a torch to older YouTubers, nor do I fully understand the frustration nor the struggle that is currently happening on YouTube right now. But I understand this; things need to change. YouTube has been disconnected from their audience for years now. They have grown so large and fearless of competition that they have been overconfident. They have had years to learn from the people's voice, but they refuse to. I wish to provide a safe haven from the strict "family friendly" environment that the internet is heading into and to prioritize the people, not the money. I am creating YourHub. Your Videos, Your Voices. And your voices matter to me.
$0 of $300 per month
This is the main goal, this covers a year of YourHub for everyone. Once this is reached, I can work on YourHub far far more and help improve the experience that everyone has on it.
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