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is creating the "You're The Movie!" gamebook series
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About Victor Riley Johnson

Hello! I am a musician and writer living in Portland, OR.

My project here is quite simple. Every month, I write a smallish (20-30 pages) choose-your-own-adventure style book from the perspective of a relatively peripheral character in a film. In both the most silly and uncompromisingly serious way, you become this character, make choices that impact the plot of the film, and eventually arrive at one of the multiple endings. Some endings you find success, some you spiral into despair, and still others you unintentionally kill the movie's main character. It's up to you!

I'll be honest with you, this is the kind of stuff that I do for free, just for the sheer banality of writing what I think Uncle Frank from Home Alone is like. I also get tickled by doing silly things like exploring existential despair within a slapstick comedy, or delving into systemic problems of public education within a super-hero movie. But I do think these books are silly and entertaining to read as well, and given the format, especially cool to actually hold in your hands. So become a patron and I'll mail 'em to you! (The books are published by me, from a nearby FedEx office).

In the meantime, I invite you to read them for free at my site:
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