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Nestlings are the first tier along our journey and will gain access to our Discord Channel. Please be mindful that Discord is intended for an older age group. You'll need written, express parental permission which is required for those under the age of 18. This is so we can insure appropriate TOS for Patreon and Discord is followed.

Nestlings also get access to Niche save files a week before the saves go public.

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Fledglings are just beginning to soar. They get a character named after them in a game play of their choice that is seen on my channel.
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Gryphons have grown up from nestling and fledgling to take flight. They get to have their names in video descriptions for being the wonderful patrons they are. 




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About Trinket

Greetings! I'm Trinket and ever so excited to have you here today. 

I'm someone who enjoys weaving stories be they in gameplay, or in fictional written word (or typed words as the case may often be). I mostly enjoy writing tales about fictional worlds wherein non-human animals are the POV characters. Especially wolves. There are times I'll also write using humans, or humanoids.

For those who want to contribute, but don't wish to have a recurring monthly amount you can donate on a one time basis only via paypal.
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Once I've reached $1000 per month I'll be able to purchase a new computer and microphone set up.

This would enable me to post more often and different games including but not limited to; more sims 3, Slime Rancher, Stardew Valley, Minecraft and possibly Star Stable Online and other games patrons like you might suggest.

I could then also do live streaming.
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