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 Oh hey, Lil' kitten! Wanna sit on my Lap?

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Where could they be? Sigh

But even so I know where you guys are.

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About Yui Koishikawa

Hey, I'm Yui Koishikawa!

The Koishikawa in my YouTube name means little river. So every time someone new joins my Patreon we can make this little river reach all the way, to the dominating sea! :)
I recently got this Patreon in hopes of slowly but surely being able to produce my own written stories to webcomics, to voice covered episodes, and I can't wait to see this slowly take shape with the help of you to like share and becoming a Patreon today we'll make it there in no time. :) 

Thank you so much!
With much love, 
-Yui Koishikawaツ 

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Would be just enough for me to pay for textbooks and classes!
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