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About Yuki-No-Kami

Art is a really big part of my life! I have been drawing and painting since as far back as I can remember, and I love to sew, cosplay and make lots of fun little things as well! I have been cosplaying since 2007 (though in recent years I haven't had the money to do so) and I have learned so much by trial and error. Im hoping I can help out here and there by making some tutorials on new projects I want to get into and maybe even some old ones. I'm going to be working to get out patterns and tutorials for plushies I'm working on, maybe even some patterns and tutorials for cosplays once I can get back in the swing of that! 

I love creating so much and I love the way it can make people's days and bring a smile to their faces. Alongside my patterns and tutorials, I want to start to do the same with my art as well! 

Don't feel the need to try to donate more than you are comfortable with, or even donate at all. None of this is necessary, though any bit I get is amazing and will help me to grow and be able to do so much more for everyone!

(More tiers and rewards will be added once I am able to do more)
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Once I hit 100 patrons, I will do an art giveaway for a custom drawn bust piece~.
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