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Right now, I don't see a reason to gate off any of my content until I start making a lot more of it.

However, if you love what I do (Fan Art, Collecting, Toy Reviews, Etc) and want to support its continuation, chip in, but do not feel obliged. I love and cherish all the support I get! 

Think of it as a subscription fee that you don't actually have to subscribe to in order to get anything, but the provider of said subscription would *love* it if you did throw in a buck or two.

For long-time subscribers, too, I have lots of idea for ways to reward you!



About YummyPixels

Hey Everyone, It's Yummy!

If you've landed here, then you've discovered me from one of the many places I am on the internet, so welcome! But who am I, where’d I start? And is “Hey everyone, it’s Yummy!” really my tagline? (Answer: Yes, it is. But please call my whatever you like, Pixels, YP, Pixie, etc)

I originally began my venture as a content creator on YouTube as "YummyPixels," where I reviewed Dragon Ball figures, statues, and collectibles (and showcased my collection itself). I also dabbled in the custom marketplace, making custom action figures of characters not created in the series. And you know what.. a lot of you enjoyed it! And a lot of you still follow me and my life and I love you for that!

Since then, my YouTube channel has gone on a hiatus (due to life), but I am back on social media and working to gain some momentum and supplementary funding so that I can start bringing you the content that many used to know and love!

So, What Does Your Patreon Cover?

Hauls & Unboxings
As my Dragon Ball collection continues to grow, I plan on sharing my weekly (sometimes daily - I know, I have a problem!) hauls with you! This will include my personal opinions on said figure, statue, or merchandise — and if it warrants one, an unboxing!

Fan Art
In addition to being a crazy collector, I am also an artist. I’ll be sharing updates of my fan art as I create it, keeping you updated along the way. I am currently creating a poster series that I have plans to make into a limited edition sort of “ collect them all” type of thing. I plan on doing as many characters as possible in this series and want your input on who to draw next!

If and when I start making merchandise ( this stuff will be geared towards Dragon Ball fans and the like), this Patreon will be part of what helped make it possible. I have so many ideas and plans for things I know you'll l love, just need time and funds to make it happen.

Are You Doing Rewards?

Because my content creation is somewhat atypical, at this point in time I don’t have plans to gate off my content just yet. I want you to fund me because you want to fund me and because you like what I do and what I share with you. I do not want to gate off my content or hold it ransom from you. If, and when, I offer rewards, they’ll be valuable and meaningful for you, not like I’m keeping something from you.

With that said, to access my content you simply need to access it! No strings attached. You can pay as much or as little as you want. Pay nothing if you don't believe you should. And, if you ever do become a Patron, but decide to stop, no hard feelings. Honestly! It's your money and the fact that you even shared some with me is already so much.

Anything Else To Say?

I think that covers most of it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss them. My continued passion for sharing everything with you online is only because of your love and support throughout the years, so thank you so much for being by my side! It's honestly meant the world to me, and kept my passion for collecting alive and brought me back after life tried to snuff it out.

Whether you choose to fund me or not, thank you for just stopping by and being a fan and a friend. For realsies, thank you. 

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When I reach $50/month, I'll do an amazing giveaway for everyone!! Minds will be BLOWN.
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